Using CarFax Reports Can Save You Money!

CarFax at Reflex Tuning, Audi and VW Service


At Reflex Tuning, we don’t just want to provide you with great Audi and Volkswagen service, we also want to help you get to know your vehicle.

For your Audi or Volkswagen’s history,  Reflex Tuning recommends using CARFAX reports. 

With the most comprehensive database of vehicle histories in the nation, CARFAX helps us find out whether previous owners of a vehicle treated it well… or not so well.  Reflex Tuning’s diligent use of CARFAX’s extensive database means you may find a higher resale value and better, more cost-effective recommendations on repairs over the life of your Audi or Volkswagen.  CARFAX allows us to track every repair, or needed repair that a vehicle may need in the future, and provides any future parties interested in the vehicle well informed.

CARFAX reports offer a variety of other services as well. Service reminders, vehicle inventory search, and vehicle research are all useful tools for both a vehicle owner and buyer. We aim to help you get the most value out of your vehicle in the short and long term, and CARFAX is a great tool to help us along the way.

Access your personal CARFAX report: 

You can visit Reflex Tuning on CARFAX here. You can leave reviews, and also check shop information. You can create an account and add your car to your “garage” for FREE. You can also add maintenance or repair entries that may have not made it to your CARFAX report.

With our use of CARFAX, Reflex Tuning stands apart from the many dealerships and service centers that aren’t using CARFAX to its fullest.  We know the investment and value a well-maintained vehicle can provide. And Reflex Tuning is proud help you save money, time, and extend the life and value of your Audi or Volkswagen.