Audi & VW Vehicle Protective Anti-Corrosion Undercoating

What is undercoating?

Undercoating is corrosion resistant product that is applied to the undercarriage of your vehicle. It adds a barrier to protect against rust and corrosion. Adding a protective undercoating is the least expensive way to ensure your Audi or Volkswagen will be free of rust and corrosion for the lifetime of ownership. New Hampshire winters are not easy on your vehicle. Leaving your vehicle untreated is a guarantee for long term corrosion issues. Undercoating also adds great resale value to your vehicle as well.


What products do you use?

We strictly use New Hampshire Oil Undercoating products. We love supporting local businesses. With a lot of testing of different products, NHOU products are absolutely the best. NHOU is known nationwide for having the best undercoating products ever made. There are two types of products that we use depending on the age and condition of your vehicle.


How much does undercoating my Audi or VW cost?

If you have a used car we would need to see the car in person in order to provide an accurate estimate. Every vehicle is different depending on how much prep work is needed before applying the undercoating products. If you have a new vehicle, that is the best time to apply the undercoating. We also offer a New Vehicle Service, which includes undercoating and much more.


Where is the undercoating applied?

Audi and VW vehicles are built better then most cars produced. From the factory they are built extremely well and tend not to rust as easily as American made vehicles. We apply undercoating to all of the areas that we have historically seen issues with. We remove the plastic fender liners where dirt and debris become trapped. We clean this area out, then apply the undercoating in that area specifically. Anything that is made of steel on the underside of your vehicle will be undercoated. This also includes a lot of the nuts, bolts, and specifically alignment adjustments that can become stuck/frozen over time. Another reason why getting your annual alignment is so important, is to deter the adjustments from becoming stuck overtime. Removing the alignment adjustments completely is part of our New Vehicle Service. This is the only way to prevent long term corrosion to the alignment adjustments.


How often does the undercoating need to be applied?

If we are using the oil based undercoating product, it may need to be touched up before each winter. The cost is a fraction of what the initial cost of the undercoating is. If your vehicle is newer and we use NHOU Boss Wax. That is a semi-permanent undercoating and most likely will never need to be reapplied.