Buying a Used Car? Audi or Volkswagen? Have it inspected before you buy it!

Pre Purchase Inspection on a Used Audi or VW

Are you thinking of purchasing a used car in the NH/New England area? Without a doubt you should have it pre purchase inspected before you buy the car.

Ever buy a house? Having a home inspection is necessary prior to purchase. A car is no different. Your vehicle is the second largest investment next to a home. Having Reflex Tuning do your pre-purchase vehicle inspection will ensure you are making a smart purchase.

In our pre-purchase inspections we cover the following:

  • All NH state inspection related items:
    • Suspension
    • Glass
    • Tires
    • Leaks
    • Exhaust
    • Wheels
    • Doors and window function
    • Exterior body damage and rust
  • Scan all computer modules to check for codes
  • Run a CarFax vehicle maintenance history to check for previous repairs and maintenance items
  • Check for previous body damage and paint work (parts that have been painted will weather differently overtime)
  • Using some common sense and some Google searching



This is a true story on a pre purchase we did for a new customer a few months. After noticing some poor paint work on the front of the car we did some digging and found that the car was actually totaled before.