October is Car Care Month at Reflex Tuning

Audi VW Service near Manchester


Fall has officially arrived, and we are on the fast road to winter.

That’s why October is Car Care Month at Reflex Tuning! Bring your Audi or Volkswagen to our top-rated services and repairs shop near Manchester / Hooksett, and we’ll assist you in your car care needs to winter-prep your vehicle.

Here are the most important car care points of interest, especially in the fall:

Air filters:

Remember all that pollen all over everyone’s cars this spring? That’s what makes your air filter green. The pollen gets trapped in your vehicle’s air filter, which filters air into the engine and clogs it. The pollen also gets stuck in your cabin air filter, into the air you are breathing inside the car. These two filters should be changed every year or 20k miles.


The fluid used to cool engine has a freezing point because it is made up of mostly water. We can test the freezing point to ensure your vehicle’s antifreeze levels are within specification. This is especially important when going into the colder season.

Engine Oil:

Not all synthetic oils are created equal. Your Audi or VW requires a specific grade and specification of synthetic oil. Using the incorrect oil can lead to premature engine wear and costly repairs down the road. Using too heavy of a weight of oil in the winter can cause the oil too become too thick, leading to engine issues.


As your car’s battery ages it may become sensitive to the cold and refuse to start. The last thing we want is our customers to deal with a dead battery! We recommend replacing your vehicles battery every 5 years. Like all replacement parts on Audi and VW, brands and quality count with this one!

Washer Fluid:

(And ALL fluids in general) Something simple, yet important. If you have some in your car that is left over for the summer, chances are it may freeze in the winter! Let us top you off for free with our below-freezing grade. (Quick Tip: DO NOT USE ORANGE RAIN-X washer fluid. It’s known to ruin the vehicle’s washer level sensor.)

Wiper Blades:

There’s nothing quite like new wiper blades, especially in winter months. We keep wiper blades of all sizes in stock, just let us know if you need yours checked.

Emergency Road Kit:

It’s always a good idea to carry a certain few items in your car at all times year round, but especially during winter months. For example: External battery charger for your cell phone, water, nonperishable food, blankets, hats, gloves, jumper cables, flares/triangle, snow shovel, ice scraper, cat litter/sand for traction, and a first aid kit.


Check your tires’ tread and tire pressure, for bald spots or bulges. If the wear isn’t even, wheels need aligning! Need help picking the right set of tires? Here’s a recent video from Heather with a few quick tips. We have plenty popular brands in stock, such as Continental and Michelin.

Need other service on your Audi or VW?

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