Why is my car shaking after it snowed?

Reflex Tuning Audi Volkswagen Winter

We get this question a lot this time of year! Snow can be become stuck inside of your vehicles wheels causing the wheel balance to be off.

Audi and VW vehicle’s tend to have low profile tires. This means that the wheel/rim is large and the tires sidewall is small. The small tire does not protect the rim from the snow very well. Alternatively, if you have a larger SUV your tires are big and you may not get much snow in your rims because of this.

What do you do when you have snow stuck in your wheels/rims?

The best thing to do to fix your vehicle from shaking due to having snow stuck in your wheels it to try and remove it.

Use something that will not scratch the wheel/rim. A wooden kitchen spoon would do the trick! Be careful not to remove any of your wheel balance weights. If you accidentally remove one, you will have to bring in your car for a wheel rebalance. We recommend a wheel balance seasonally or every 15k miles.

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