PermaSafe Vehicle Disinfectant & Protection Against Coronavirus

PermaSafe is a state-of-the-art, Vehicle Disinfection and Long Term Microbial Control System and Surface Protectant engineered specifically for automotive use.

  • Effectively Germ-Proofs Vehicle Interiors by Perpetually Eliminating over 99.9% of Illness Causing Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and other Harmful Micro-organisms
  • Perpetually Pulls Microbes from the Air and Eliminates them on Contact  
  • Continuously Disinfects and Purifies Passenger Cabin Air and HVAC Systems
  • Makes virtually ALL Passenger Cabin Surfaces Self-Sanitizing and Antimicrobial
  • Protects and Adds Years of Life to Upholstery, Carpets and other Materials
  • Repels and Prevents Stains from Liquids, Dirt and other Spills, UV Rays and More
  • Protects Much More than just Upholstery & Carpets. PermaSafe Equally Protects Vinyl, Plastic, Wood, Glass and other Surfaces
  • Eliminates Present and Prevents Future Odors