Service, Maintenance, and Repairs for Audi and VW Drivers

We are your Audi dealership and VW dealer alternative!
Our facility is state of the art equipped with everything needed to service and repair your Audi or Volkswagen in NH.

Audi & VW Services

Below are just some of the common maintenance services we offer.

NH State inspections are due annually on your birthday month, or are also needed if you purchase a vehicle. The purpose of state inspections is to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road.

We can perform all factory recommended services whether you have a brand new Audi or VW, or one with some miles on it. We will create a customized maintenance plan for your car specifically.

Using the state of the art alignment equipment will ensure your Audi or Volkswagen is aligned to factory recommended specifications. We recommend performing alignments every 15k miles or one year. Ask about our three year and lifetime alignment packages which are designed to save you money and ensure your tires last as long as possible.

Learn more about our factory integrated remote starters for Audi and VW vehicles. A must if you live in NH.

Your engine air filter is extremely important to keep clean. We recommend engine air filter replacements every 20,000 miles or 16 months. Learn More

Your cabin air filter, also known as the pollen filter is extremely important to keep clean. This is what you breathe in your car. NH is considered an extreme climate, we have a lot of sand, dust, and pollen throughout the seasons. We recommend cabin air filter replacements every 20,000 miles or 16 months. Learn More

Spark plugs are what ignited your fuel which keeps your engine running. Overtime the spark plugs wear. Typical spark plug replacement intervals on most Audi and VW is at 35,000 miles.

Tune-Up is loose term that is not used too much anymore. A tune-up may consist of the replacements of spark plugs, engine air filter, fuel filter, cabin air filter, tire rotation or balance.

Protect your investment and have your Audi or VW undercoated to prevent rust and corrosion. A must for long term ownership and resale value. Learn More

Routine oil changes (every 5,000 miles) are important to maintaining a vehicle, and especially those in New England. Learn more about some of our recommended best practices when it comes to oil changes for Audi and Volkswagen.

It is common on any Audi & Volkswagen to have to replace suspension components before 100,000 miles. Sometimes as early as 40,000 miles. The NH roads and winters are very harsh on any vehicle. We know how to properly check your suspension to ensure your  car is safe and your tires last as long as possible.

Thinking of purchasing a new Audi or VW? Have us perform our Pre Purchase Inspection BEFORE you purchase the vehicle. This will save you a lot of money knowing what will be needed after you purchase it.


If you purchased a new vehicle recently. Consider having our New Car Service performed.

We work on a ton of VW and Audi diesel vehicles. The TDI engines require very specific maintenance compared to gasoline vehicles. Call us today and we can make you a customized maintenance plan based on your previous history.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

We offer pre-purchase inspections for our customers. If you, or someone you know, are about to purchase a pre-owned vehicle we are more than happy to look it over first. A pre-purchase inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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