The Digital Shop


Digital Vehicle Inspections & Customer Education

We always talk about the importance of keeping up with technology in the world of automotive repair and maintenance. There are many ways in which Reflex Tuning surpasses other repair shops and most of all Audi and Volkswagen dealerships. By utilizing a completely digital system offered by AutoVitals is one way we do so.

We do not use any paper here for our workflow process. Each technician has an Apple Ipad that they utilize to perform a multi point courtesy inspection prior to starting any work on the vehicle. During this inspection the mechanic will:

  • Start with a road test – check for warning lights, engine turn over, braking ability, functioning of the emergency brake, alignment of the vehicle, clutch/transmission engagement, shifting, vibrations, clunking, rattles and coolant temperature.
  • Check functioning items in the car: windows, wipers, heat, AC, check all glass, door hinges, door locks, horn, turn signals and lights
  • Check items under the hood: oil level, coolant level, top off washer fluid, check hoses and belts, check for leaks, check the timing belt if applicable, and battery
  • Check items under the vehicle: front and rear brakes pads, rotors and calipers, suspension items (control arms, suspension springs, struts, toe arms, and bushings), tires, wheels for any damage or bends, wheel bearings, tie rods, tie rod boots, and any under body leaks. REMEMBER THIS INSPECTION IS COMPLETELY COMPLIMENTARY 

Audi / VW Service at Reflex Tuning

Follow up:

Once the technician has completed the inspection the service advisor will then compile the digital report, email and or text it to the customer, then will follow up with a phone call to review the report.

After the work has been approved by the customer, the technician will use the tablet to be informed of what work is to be done and what parts are needed. As the technician completes each task they will mark it off as completed which will then notify the service advisor. This ensures good communication with the customer to make sure we are on track to complete the car during our promised time or if we need to extend that time and inform the customer.

AutoVitals also helps us keep in touch with the customer. We will send out automated text messages and emails to help keep the customer informed of what work is coming due after their current visit.

We are here to make servicing you Audi and or Volkswagen as seamless as possible. That includes providing excellent customer service, setting clear expectations, keeping you informed with our digital inspections, using only the best quality parts, offering a 3 year 36k miles warranty, and offering free loaner vehicles.