Reflex Tuning Legal Loaner Car Agreement

The following must be signed by all customers receiving a loaner vehicle. You will need your driver’s license, insurance card, and credit  card information in order to complete the form.


Loaner Vehicle Agreement    

In consideration of the loan to me of the vehicle hereinafter described (“Vehicle”) by Reflex Tuning, LLC (“Service Center”), I warrant and agree with such Service Center that:

I am at least twenty-five (25) years of age and have a valid license to operate a motor vehicle. Unless the Service Center gives prior authorization to exceptions.

I will be the only operator of the Vehicle. Unless the Service Center gives prior authorization to exceptions. Additional drivers must fill out their own loaner vehicle agreement.

If the Vehicle is involved in any accident, I will immediately furnish the Service Center a full and complete written report thereof and thereafter make all reports required by law, and deliver a duplicate of each to the Service Center within 12 hours of such accident. I understand and agree my insurance is the primary coverage which applies to the Vehicle during the time it is lent to me.  I understand that I am responsible for any and all deductibles and expenses not covered by my insurance.

I will pay, indemnify and hold the Service Center harmless from all expenses, claims, suits, demands, costs and attorney’s fees relating to any act or omission in which the Vehicle is involved before I deliver it to Service Center’s place of business, and all expense, costs and fees Service Center may incur to protect, enforce or both protect and enforce Service Center’s rights under this agreement.

On the occurrence of any damage to the Vehicle before I deliver it to Service Center’splace of business, I will immediately pay the Service Center all sums Service Center has incurred and will incur to obtain such deliver, and the reasonable value of repairing such damage.

I deliver the possession of and pledge to the Service Center my right, title and interest in all property in Service Center’s place of business to be held at my risk as security for the payment of all sums which may become due under the terms of this agreement. If I do not pay any such sum when due, at Service Center’s request I will endorse and deliver to Service Center all certificates and other evidence of registration and ownership, and convey title to Service Center, I wave demand, sale at public auction and notice of the time and place required for sale by pledgee, under execution or otherwise, and I authorize the sale of such property without any demand or notice whatsoever at private sale and the pledgee’s purchase of the pledged property at such sale.

I am aware that the Vehicle may have a GPS tracking and vehicle status device installed.

I waive all liability of Service Center and Service Center’s employees for negligence relating to such Vehicle, except willful negligence.

I acknowledge receipt of the Vehicle in good and safe mechanical condition and will deliver the Vehicle in its present condition to Service Center at Service Center’s place of business when notified that repairs are completed, and until then:

I will not permit such Vehicle outside this country or more than 100 miles from Service Center’s place of business.

If I take Vehicle outside of 100 miles and the Vehicle needs to be towed, I am responsible for the cost of the tow back to the Service Center’s place of business.

I will not use or permit the operation of such Vehicle by any other person, or negligently, or contrary to law; and I will preserve and protect it from any loss and damage.I will not smoke or allow smoking in the Vehicle. If Vehicle is smoked in, there will be a $500 vehicle sanitation/detailing charge.

I will not allow pets in the Vehicle without pre authorized approval.

I will keep the interior of the Vehicle clean from trash.

I understand that I am responsible for any and all vehicle violations, parking tickets, toll charges, parking lot occurrences, etc. during the dates that I have the Vehicle.

I will return the Vehicle with the same amount of fuel that I received it with. I understand that I will be charged if the fuel is not replenished to the same point at which I picked the Vehicle up.

I will not use the Vehicle for any towing, pushing or hauling.

I will not use this Vehicle for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, or any other purpose for hire.

I will not engage in any speed test or contest. While operating said Vehicle, I will not permit more than four passengers, and I will require all passengers to use appropriate restraint devices as required by law.

I understand that the loaner Vehicle must be returned within 24hrs of completion of my personal vehicle, unless other arrangements with the Service Center are agreed upon.

The Service Center has the right to demand the loaner vehicle be returned without reason.

I understand that if I do not return the Vehicle as said above, I will be charged $55 per day for the Vehicle retroactive from the day Vehicle was borrowed. As well as $95 per day for storage of completed vehicle, based on completion date.

This is the sole agreement between Service Center and myself relating to such Vehicle; no representation has been made by or on behalf of Service Center except those endorsed hereon; time is of the essence of this agreement and each of my obligations hereunder; and every breach of a provision hereof shall be deemed substantial and material.

Loaner Car Agreement

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Max. file size: 50 MB.