Reflex Tuning’s 2017 Resolutions

The new year is here! And for 2017, the team over at Reflex Tuning asked a few customers, as well as ourselves, “What resolutions can ensure 2017 is a even better year for our vehicles?”

We got a few great answers, and decided to share our favorites.

1. Consistent Oil Changes

This one was the most common, probably because it is often the most forgotten by drivers. Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to make sure your Audi / Volkswagen runs strong for as long as possible. Every vehicle has its own oil change schedule. If you’re wondering what is best for your Audi or VW, let us know and we are happy to help you schedule service intervals to keep your car running well. 5,000 miles for a gas motor is what is recommended for an oil change interval.

2. Keeping Things Clean

Salt and sand are helpful for keeping the roads from freezing, but they are not so nice to our vehicle’s body. We know this, but more often than not, we find ourselves praising warm winter days of rain to clean off our cars. But that doesn’t quite cut it. A thorough car wash will do the trick, and leave your car looking like new! We recommend going to non-touch facilities, as they are much less likely to leave any scratches or damage the clear coat on your car. We have a few favorite local spots we prefer to bring our vehicles, let us know if you’re looking!

3. Hands-Free Driving

Put the phone down! Not only is it now New Hampshire law, but distracted driving can be dangerous. We highly recommend purchasing a phone mount for your car. They can be cheap, and really helpful. Here’s one that just clips into a vent and uses a magnet to keep your phone mounted.

Did we miss anything? Let us know you’re ideas for a better 2017 for your Audi / Volkswagen. We want to help you keep your car on the road for a long time to come.