Digital Vehicle Inspections & Customer Education

It’s imperative to stay up to date with technology in the ever-changing field of vehicle repair and maintenance, at Reflex Tuning we’ve embraced this by utilizing Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) since 2012.

We take great satisfaction in outperforming other repair shops, particularly Volkswagen and Audi dealerships. Our implementation of a fully digital diagnostics system accounts for a large portion of our competitive advantage.

Getting Rid of Paper: A Step in the Right Direction

Our workflow method no longer uses paper as part of our quest for excellence. With each of our specialists carrying an Apple iPad, we are able to completely change the way we inspect and service your car. Our processes are made more efficient by this digital approach, which also improves the precision and caliber of our services.

The Multi-Point Digital Inspection

Our specialists use their iPads to do a thorough multi-point inspection of your car before any work is done. This thorough procedure addresses a number of your car’s characteristics, including:

Road Test: There is a road test before the journey starts. We check for warning lights here, as well as for any vibrations, clunking, rattles, vehicle alignment, smoothness of engine turnover, braking ability, emergency brake functionality, shifting quality, and coolant temperature.

Functional Items: We evaluate the windows, wipers, air conditioning, heating, radio systems, all glass components, door hinges, locks, turn signals, lights, and horns.

Under the Hood: Your car’s engine receives particular care. We check for oil and coolant leaks, as well as inspect the belts, hoses, wires, and battery.

Under the Car: It’s important to give the undercarriage a careful inspection. This entails examining the tires, and wheels for any damage or bends, wheel bearings, tie rods, tie rod boots, and any underbody leaks. It also involves checking the front and rear brake pads, rotors, and calipers, as well as suspension components such as control arms, springs, struts, toe arms, and bushings.


The process of digital vehicle inspection (DVI) has many advantages

Transparency and Trust: We can give you visual proof of our findings and real-time updates through digital inspections. This openness fosters trust and guarantees that you are aware of the state of your car.

Accuracy and Detail: Reports from digital inspections can be more accurate and detailed. Our technicians can quickly document and monitor every facet of your car’s condition, making sure nothing is overlooked. This ensures reliability, safety, and maintaining your invest for the long term.

Eco-friendly: By eliminating paper use, we’re not only increasing productivity but also promoting environmental preservation.

We at Reflex Tuning are committed to becoming innovators. Our digital vehicle inspection procedure is evidence of our dedication to offering your Audi or Volkswagen the best possible service and care. You can rely on us to provide your car with professional maintenance and the newest technology.

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