Is it cheaper to buy a new car? The answer is NO!

audi vw _cost_over_time_chartYour car is getting older, you have taken really good care of it all these years, you are faced with a larger repair or large maintenance estimate. You are thinking of calling it quits and just buying a new car to replace your used Audi or Volkswagen. Think again.


You ask yourself… “Is it cheaper to just get a new car?”  The answer is simply, no, it is not cheaper in most cases. just released this article about what the average household can afford for a car payment.


What they do not mention in this article is that on top of a car payment (that you most likely did not have before) new cars still require maintenance the first few years and repairs after that.


There is an awesome tool offers that I love to use to show customers how much a new car actually costs. It is call the True Cost To Own. What does a newer car ACTUALLY cost. It is more then the monthly payments. You need to consider the depreciation, higher registration, higher insurance costs, maintenance, and repairs over a 5 year period.


You could be looking at up to $1 or more PER MILE to drive a new car. Whereas keeping the car you already own on the road for around ten to twenty cents per mile sounds wayyyyyy more reasonable. Why would you want a new car? Think about what you could do with all that extra money you would be saving over the years? Go on a family vacation? buy that hot tub you always wanted? or just save it for retirement?


Please educate yourself when thinking about purchasing a new vehicle. Keeping what you have is financially the smarter choice.


As always, we are happy to look through a vehicle you are considering to purchase. And, if you’re in the market for a pre-owned VW or Audi in NH, check out Reflex Tuning’s Pre-Owned inventory!

Reflex Tuning Audi VW new car vs used car cost to own