When should I take my snow tires off on my Audi or Volkswagen? What tires should I be buying?

When should I take off my winter/snow tires?

Ever wonder when you should take your snow tires off and put on your summer/all season tires? Here in New Hampshire the weather has been a little crazy the past few years. I would say there is no correct answer as every year seems to be different. This year in Hooksett the weather reached 70 degrees then it snowed the next day! Now that there have been consistent temperatures above 50-60 degrees I would say we are all safe to put away the snow tires and say hello to spring!

Should I be putting on Summer tires or All Season tires?

We get asked this question a lot. What are the pros and cons of each?

Summer Tires

If you are an enthusiastic and aggressive driver with low profile tires I would suggest getting summer only tires. Summer tires are softer then all season tires and are designed to provide superior traction on dry pavement. The downside about summer tires is that they are very soft and have a lower tread wear rating (UTQG) which means they will not last nearly as long as all season tires would. Summer tires also tend to be more expensive then all season tires.  Another downside of summer tires is you HAVE to make sure you change them before it gets cold or even worse is if it were to snow they will be unsafe to drive on.

All Season Tires

Financially all season tires are cheaper then summer tires. All season tires are more durable then summer tires so they will last longer and will need to be replaced less often. A big plus about all season tires is if it were to snow lets say in October like it did just a few years ago you are still able to safely drive in the snow.

What type of tires should I buy for my Audi or VW?

Not all tires are created equal. In fact it is the exact opposite. Tires are one of the most important parts on your vehicle. They are what connects you to the road. Snow, rain, rocks, sleet, and temperature are all elements will change how a quality tire will perform over an economy tire. Not all big name brand tires are great. There are some Continental and Michelin tires that are just awful! But there are some models in those brands that are great. So make sure you know what you are getting buying before investing into your  car.

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