AutoVitals Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Mar.19.2024

Digital Vehicle Inspections & Customer Education

It’s imperative to stay up to date with technology in the ever-changing field of vehicle repair and maintenance, at Reflex Tuning we’ve embraced this by utilizing Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVI) since 2012. We take great satisfaction in outperforming other repair shops, particularly Volkswagen and Audi dealerships. Our implementation of a fully digital diagnostics system accounts […]

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Quattro - Maintenance Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Dec.10.2023

Audi Quattro & VW 4Motion: A Guide to Maintenance and Common Issues

The ultimate all wheel driving experience can be found in Audi’s legendary Quattro system and Volkswagen’s cutting-edge 4Motion AWD system. Proper maintenance is essential since with great power comes great responsibility. In this post, the experts at Reflex Tuning explain how to keep your Quattro AWD system in top shape, as well as provide insight […]

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Reflex Tuning - Vehicle Maintenance Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Mar.20.2023

The 5 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Car – Do This/Not That

Learn how to take better care of your vehicle. A well-serviced Audi or Volkswagen, will be safer, cheaper, more reliable, and have a better resale value. Please consider these few tips for the future of your vehicle.   1. The Dealership is not always the best option, even when your car is newer Most people […]

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Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Oct.31.2022

Now Offering Undercoating Services for your Audi/VW

Undercoating 🛡️ We are happy to now offer Undercoating for your Audi or Volkswagen. Having the underside of your vehicle undercoated will ensure it will be free from rust and corrosion for the life of your vehicle. Undercoating is a product that is sprayed on the areas under your car that will rust. See our […]

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Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance

Audi & VW New Car Service – What to Know and What To Do

New Car? Now What? 🆕 Whether you are the new owner of a brand new Audi/Volkswagen, or if you are thinking of purchasing one, having us perform a New Car Service on your most recent investment is a must! The following are our recommendations:   Undercoating 🛡️ Having the underside of your vehicle undercoated will […]

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Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance May.10.2022

Are You Looking To Buy or Sell a Vehicle?

When you go through Reflex Tuning to buy or sell your next vehicle, we offer a variety of services to make your next selling or purchasing experience the best possible. We offer an unbeatable consignment program making your next Audi/VW purchase or sale experience convenient. 🙌 Being experts in the Volkswagen and Audi lines we […]

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Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance May.09.2022

Spring Updates from Reflex Tuning!

Spring is here, and we have updates from our team at Reflex Tuning 2022 is our 14th year in business! We wanted to take this time to thank all of our loyal customers, we couldn’t have done it without you. Heading into the new season we will continue to serve our community with service they […]

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ReflexTuning Broken AC Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Jul.28.2021

Why Isn’t My Vehicle’s AC Working?

  The most common AC problems with cars are compressors, leaks, and a blocked condenser. Check out the details below to troubleshoot your Audi or VW air conditioning. Bad Compressor 🚗 The compressor is the easiest spot to check first.  To check, you can try the steps below: Turn on your vehicle with the AC […]

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Reflex Tuning Hooksett NH Audi VW Service Team Now Hiring Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Mar.03.2021

We Are Looking For Talent! Join Our Audi & VW Service Team

The Reflex Tuning team is growing! We recently announced that we are hiring for some new roles to join our Audi & Volkswagen Service Team. As a specialty repair shop, we are looking for dedicated and talented individuals that care about providing a great customer experience as much as we do. Reflex Tuning offers employees […]

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