Audi & VW Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is here! Here’s a few tips to get your vehicle ready for some nicer weather:

Remove Winter Tires:

It’s time to remove the Winter tires! Time for better fuel economy, and a better ride quality. Did you know that we will store your Winter tires for you? Many of our customers say it makes it much easier for them to manage their tires and appreciate the convenience.

In-Cabin Air Filters:

This one is often overlooked. Air quality in the vehicle is very important in our travels. Even those not commuting still should consider cleaning out the dust, pollen, and anything else accumulated on these filters.


After a Winter season, our wipers have likely worked quite a bit for us. We stock wiper blades at Reflex Tuning for both front and rear windshields, just ask us to check out the quality of your wiper blades on your next visit and we can determine if yours need to be replaced.

Get Your Vehicle Detailed

There’s nothing quite like a freshly detailed vehicle! It might run you a couple hundred dollars, but it’s a worthwhile investment. Getting rid of all the dirt and salt that the Winter has provided, it can be nice to have a fresh start to some nice weather. We can recommend a few local locations to get your vehicle detailed depending on where you’re traveling and your budget.