Major Underlying Issues in the 2017+ Audi 3.0L V6 Turbocharged Engine

If you own 2017+ Audi S4, S5, A6, Q7 or SQ5 with the 3.0L V6 Turbocharged engine, you may have some serious underlying issues.

On multiple occasions we have found a lot of metal debris in the engine oil and engine oil filter during routine oil services. 

The video posted is from a 2021 Audi Q7. At first oil change at 10,000 miles there was metal found in the filter. 5,000 miles later at the second oil change, there was even more metal in the filter. We recommend oil changes every 5k miles with approved Audi/VW oil. We do recommend on new cars to run the first oil change to 10k miles to ensure proper engine break in. 

Is metal in your engine oil normal?  Absolutely not! There should never be any metal at all in the engine oil, every!

What is the metal caused by? The cause is yet to be determined. The metal appears to be aluminum as it is not magnetic. 

If you have one of these models what should you do?  It is very important that we schedule an inspection of the oil and oil filter to ensure your car does not suffer from this problem. It is extremely important to do this while the car is under factory warranty.

If I have metal in my oil filter why did I not know about it before?  At Reflex Tuning we offer the best services for your Audi and Volkswagen. This means EVERY oil change we inspect the engine oil and oil filter cartridge for debris, no mater what engine is in your vehicle. If there is any suspect of debris in the engine oil we will cut the oil filter open and inspect it closely.  I feel like this type of care and attention that the car really needs is not something you are going to get at your local Audi/VW Dealership let a lone a quick lube shop.

Should I avoid buying a new Audi that has this engine?  Absolutely! I would not recommend purchasing any new Audi that has this engine. It is far too risky for long term ownership. With a cost of a new engine in the $20,000-$30,000 range, that is a large gamble.

Is it okay to purchase a used Audi with this engine?  If the oil filter is able to be inspected and the engine oil is NOT brand new, I would say this is a better situation then purchasing a new Audi with this engine. 

I hope this was helpful. There is nearly no information online about this. I hope this helps people from making the mistake of purchasing one of these cars that may have this issue.

As with anything, please email, call, or text with any questions you may have. Or to book your next appointment.

– Heather

Heather Zaccone