Spring Updates from Reflex Tuning!

Spring is here, and we have updates from our team at Reflex Tuning

2022 is our 14th year in business! We wanted to take this time to thank all of our loyal customers, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Heading into the new season we will continue to serve our community with service they can count on. We are still very busy, so make sure you book in advance! You can easily schedule your next appointment here.

If you run seasonal tires, it is time to switch out the winter tires to your summer set. We offer a wide range of tires that we can recommend based on your type of driving, so let our team know if you are shopping for a new set. We still offer seasonal tire/wheel storage on a first come first serve bases. We have a few spots left for the season.

The pre-owned market is still very hot. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, Reflex Tuning can help! We offer consignment options and pre-owned inspections to all of our customers. Please never buy any used car without having it looked over by a specialist first.

It is more important than ever to take care of your Audi or VW. With new car prices exceeding MSRP, it is more important now than ever to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable. It is always cheapest to keep what you have than to purchase something else.

With that said, going into the spring is a great time to consider servicing your Audi or Volkswagen. Here are some common post-winter maintenance items.

            1. Change the oil and fluids of your vehicle 💦
            2. Get an air conditioning inspection ❄
            3. Replace your vehicles air filters 💨
            4. Make sure your vehicle’s battery is healthy 🔋
            5. Check the tire pressure, and consider new tires if needed 🚘
            6. Suspension checkup and four-wheel alignment performed


We look forward to seeing you soon!