Company News, Reflex Tuning Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Oct.08.2019

Team Updates at Reflex Tuning

Some new team members have joined the Reflex Tuning crew! If you’ve visited the shop recently, you may have met Tyler, our newest Customer Service Advisor. Given his experience with customer service and passion for everything automotive, we are excited to bring Tyler on board to continue to provide the excellent standard of service that […]

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360 Photos at Reflex Tuning Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Apr.17.2019

Audi & VW Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is here! Here’s a few tips to get your vehicle ready for some nicer weather: Remove Winter Tires: It’s time to remove the Winter tires! Time for better fuel economy, and a better ride quality. Did you know that we will store your Winter tires for you? Many of our customers say it makes […]

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