Why Isn’t My Vehicle’s AC Working?


ReflexTuning Broken AC

The most common AC problems with cars are compressors, leaks, and a blocked condenser. Check out the details below to troubleshoot your Audi or VW air conditioning.

Bad Compressor πŸš—

The compressor is the easiest spot to check first.Β 

To check, you can try the steps below:

  • Turn on your vehicle with the AC set to max.
  • Make sure the compressor’s clutch is engaged (look at the center component that engages and disengages the pulley).
  • If the clutch is moving slowly the refrigerant could be low.
  • If the clutch isn’t engaging then there’s a bigger problem. There isn’t enough voltage making it to the compressor or the clutch cycling switch is causing the issue.

Leaking Refrigerant πŸ’§

Leaking refrigerant is the number one cause of a vehicle’s AC not blowing out cold air or not working.Β 

It is hard to tell if there is a leak, but if the pressure is low, that is your sign. There are UV AC detector kits that can be purchased online or locally to find leaking refrigerants.Β 

Places to check for a leak are:

  • Around all fittings
  • Check hose manifolds on the compressor.
  • Where hoses are crammed together
  • Connections to the compressor

If you notice an oil residue around AC pipes or the fittings this is a sign of a leak. Your AC unit is a very sensitive part of your car, and if you find a leak it’s recommended to bring your vehicle into a shop to be fixed.Β 

Blocked or Clogged Condenser ❄

Hot air or warm air blowing out of your AC when it’s on full blast? Your condenser could be clogged.Β 

The condenser is an evaporator, and it uses airflow while driving to convert high-pressure, into a cool high-pressure liquid. When the condenser is blocked it can’t create cool air..

While you might be able to fix the issue yourself, it is still best advised to take your vehicle to a professional to have it fixed.Β 

Do you still need some help with your Audi or Volkswagen’s AC? We deal with issues like these all the time. To schedule an appointment, give us a call, or send us a message!