Keeping up with technology to provide great service on your Audi or VW

If you are a current Audi or Volkswagen owner and are one of Reflex Tuning’s awesome customers then you are familiar with how tech savvy the shop is. We are paperless which means all courtesy inspections and repair orders that go to the technicians are done with tablets. This makes it easy to relay all information to the customer via email or text message.

It is necessary in the automotive industry to keep up with the constantly changing cars as well as making sure we are properly equipped to offer the best services to our customers.

We recently upgraded our tire balance machine and our alignment machine. With these upgrades we can now offer print outs with our tire balances and the new features on the alignment machine will allow us to perform quick alignment checks.

These two services that do not seem like a huge deal actually have a major impact on the way your car drives, your fuel economy, and can prevent premature tire wear. Both services should be done once a year or every 15k miles.