4 Spring Cleaning Tips Your Audi/VW

Reflex Tuning Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Sanitize Surfaces

Right now, with the current Coronavirus outbreak, we are recommending that drivers sanitize the most commonly touched surfaces of their vehicles regularly. This includes, but not limited to, steering wheel, radio, shifter, buttons, and door handles (inside and outside). This is especially true if you are a healthcare worker, or have multiple people frequently in your vehicle.

Right now, every time you visit us for service, our team will sanitize your vehicle before and after we service it. And, we recently announced that we are offering PermaSafe Vehicle Disinfectant Services. This cost-effective and long term solution will keep germs at bay year round and protect your vehicle’s interior.

2. Filters & Fluids

These are often the most forgotten, but most important of ongoing vehicle maintenance. Many of us are not driving as frequently, but don’t let that stop you from taking proper care of your investment. Going into the Spring season, we recommend getting Oil, Washer, Antifreeze fluid checked. As well as cabin filters to keep air quality better.

3. Wipers

Many of our customers forget that we can replace their Front and Rear windshield wipers. Not only is relying on old and worn wipers frustrating, it can also be dangerous in the wrong elements. Just let us know if you would like us to take a look at yours to be replaced! And it will save you time down the road from having to do it yourself.

4. Tires & Alignment

The first sign of Spring is getting those Winter tires off! With 60 degree days, it is pretty safe to say that we are finally looking forward to warmer days. And not only will your ride quality improve, fuel economy will also benefit. We can also provide storage for your extra set of tires year round, just let us know if you are interested! An alignment as well as a tire balance is recommended every 15k or 1 year. After the winter months getting an alignment is a great idea to ensure your tires will wear evenly.