Reflex Tuning Audi Volkswagen Winter Maintenance Dec.17.2020

Why is my car shaking after it snowed?

We get this question a lot this time of year! Snow can be become stuck inside of your vehicles wheels causing the wheel balance to be off. Audi and VW vehicle’s tend to have low profile tires. This means that the wheel/rim is large and the tires sidewall is small. The small tire does not […]

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Reflex Tuning Spring Cleaning Tips Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Apr.14.2020

4 Spring Cleaning Tips Your Audi/VW

1. Sanitize Surfaces Right now, with the current Coronavirus outbreak, we are recommending that drivers sanitize the most commonly touched surfaces of their vehicles regularly. This includes, but not limited to, steering wheel, radio, shifter, buttons, and door handles (inside and outside). This is especially true if you are a healthcare worker, or have multiple […]

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Audi VW Service near Manchester Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance Oct.04.2018

October is Car Care Month at Reflex Tuning

  Fall has officially arrived, and we are on the fast road to winter. That’s why October is Car Care Month at Reflex Tuning! Bring your Audi or Volkswagen to our top-rated services and repairs shop near Manchester / Hooksett, and we’ll assist you in your car care needs to winter-prep your vehicle. Here are […]

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Audi & Volkswagen Maintenance May.02.2018

The Digital Shop

  Digital Vehicle Inspections & Customer Education We always talk about the importance of keeping up with technology in the world of automotive repair and maintenance. There are many ways in which Reflex Tuning surpasses other repair shops and most of all Audi and Volkswagen dealerships. By utilizing a completely digital system offered by AutoVitals […]

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Owner Education Oct.18.2016

October is Fall Car Care Month

The Fall weather is here in New Hampshire! As the weather cools it is extremely important to make sure you and your Audi or Volkswagen is ready for the colder temperatures. The New England climate can be extreme. It is known to be unpredictable, from very hot to extremely cold. This swing in temperature and […]

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Owner Education Jul.21.2016

Is it cheaper to buy a new car? The answer is NO!

Your car is getting older, you have taken really good care of it all these years, you are faced with a larger repair or large maintenance estimate. You are thinking of calling it quits and just buying a new car to replace your used Audi or Volkswagen. Think again.   You ask yourself… “Is it […]

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