Reflex Tuning Employee Spotlight: Mike Ackerman

Reflex Tuning Hooksett NH


At Reflex Tuning, one of our top priorities is giving our customers the best possible service on their Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. And one of our technicians, as well as the shop foreman, Mike Ackerman, is a great example of this high standard of quality and work ethic. So, we thought it might be nice for more our customers to get to know Mike a little better.


Heather: Hey Mike! Thanks for taking the time be a part of our segment. We know you’re a busy guy!Audi Service Hooksett New Hampshire

Mike: Not a problem, I’m glad to be here.


Heather: So, let’s start with some background, how long have you been working at Reflex Tuning?

Mike: Since 2012, and it feels like just yesterday I was getting started.


Heather: Wow, I can’t believe it’s over five years! Now, tell me again, where are you from originally? And when did you start working on vehicles?

Mike: I grew up in Merrimack, NH. And I started really getting into working on vehicles when I was a freshmen in high school. But I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Building, fixing stuff has always been a part of my life.


Heather: That’s great, and I am not surprised to hear that. Now, I know many of us are wondering. do you have a personal favorite vehicle of all time?

Mike: Yes, I do. Well, two. It’s a toss up between the Volvo 240 and the 2004 Volkswagen R32, and actually the 2004 Volkswagen GLI. All of which I have previously owned. I especially love the Volvo 240. It’s a classic bullet proof car that is easy and can be fun to work on. Decent fuel economy too. And that boxed body is so unique.


Heather: Very nice. Yes, 2004 was a good year. What about your spare time? What do you like to do?

Mike: Ice hockey. Hunting. Traveling. This year I tried maple sugaring for the first time. I have made 10 gallons so far this year. I find it really relaxing, and having an almost unlimited supply for myself as well as friends and family is pretty cool.


Heather: Those sound like some fun hobbies! And is there a specific repair here that, at first was difficult, but now you enjoy doing?

Mike: Hmm. That’s a good question. I would say the timing chains on the 2009 Audi A4. Those timing chains were a bit trying at first. Sometimes a brand new repair can be tough to wrap your head around. But now, after quite a bit of practice, it’s one that I feel good about every time. It’s become somewhat of an art form. Often, there are so many little things that add up that can extend the life of the newly replaced automotive part. It’s services like those that make you really appreciate Audi and Volkswagen engineering.


Heather: Nice, thanks Mike. And how has Reflex Tuning? How have has the shop helped with career development?

Mike: Reflex has provided me with all the tools and information I need to succeed. By working on these two brands specifically allows me to expand my knowledge and skills everyday as new technology develops. Five years in, and I feel like I am always learning something new. The team is great. In automotive repairs, it’s important that you can count on the people you work with, and I’ve definitely found that here. 


Heather: What do you like most about Reflex Tuning?Audi Service Volkswagen Repairs Hooksett NH

Mike: Lunch… just kidding. Helping our customers and utilizing my knowledge. I know it’s a great feeling when you can trust the people working on your vehicle. I have heard quite a few stories over the years of people unhappy with a repair that had gone wrong. I want our customers to walk into the shop knowing they will receive great service as well as honest recommendations to optimize the lifetime of their vehicle.


Heather: That’s great, and remind me? What is your role at Reflex Tuning?

Mike: I’m the head technician and shop foreman. We all do what we need to do to make things run smoothly. From taking out the trash or giving a customer a ride, to 2004 Audi timing belts. I make sure every repair goes as planned and we enjoy the work we do.


Heather: Sounds like a solid plan to me. Okay and how about, what is your favorite food? And least favorite!

Mike: Pizza from Espesso in Nashua is my favorite.  Going to have to say no to mustard. 


Heather: Ha, okay and what about you would surprise people if they knew?

Mike: I am married. Most people that hear that seem pretty surprised when they find out.


Heather: Here’s one more. Which three words would you use to describe Reflex Tuning?

Mike: Hmm, that’s a good one. I would say honest, unique, and… unparalleled. By now, we’ve gotten to know these cars really well. And I always strive to service a vehicle in the manner that I would expect on my own vehicle. I also know that the rest of the team feels this way, it’s somewhat developed into this culture of proficiency. And it’s only gotten better over the years. I’ve heard the stories about repairs gone wrong, or shady sales. And it makes me feel good to know that Reflex Tuning is of a totally different caliber of service than what you see at most other shops. 


Heather: Thanks Mike, we really enjoyed getting to know you over these years, and even better in this conversation. We are looking forward to working together to continue to provide our customers with the absolute best Audi and Volkswagen service in New England.

Mike: Thanks Heather.



One of our main priorities at Reflex Tuning is to consistently provide excellence for our customers. And in the 5+ years we’ve worked with Mike, we have that this is also an important focus for him as well. If you’ve visited us in the past, we hope you will consider providing us feedback, either on Google, or Facebook. We hope you enjoy getting to know Mike as much as we have.