Summer Audi/VW Prep at Reflex Tuning

Reflex Tuning Audi / VW Summer Prep

With the summer season here, here are some Audi & Volkswagen service suggestions.

Fluid Changes ☔️

The start of the summer is a good time to have your coolant, motor oil, brake fluid, and washer fluid checked for required changes, and don’t forget about the vehicle’s battery for worn wires and water corrosion.

Windshield Wipers 🌦

Check the (front and rear!) wipers for signs (and sounds) of wear before getting caught in the summer rain.

Air Filters & Air Conditioning 💨

Most cabin air filters should be replaced between every 15,000 and 30,000 miles. This will help make sure your filter is effectively catching pollen during the pollination season.

Tires & Wheels 🚘

By now those winter tires should be swapped, and summer tires are back on. Don’t forget about tire air pressure and wear. If you need to store winter tires, ask us about our tire storage and swap services!

Lights & More 💡

Double-check all car lights/signals are functional. This includes headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brakes, running lights, and even license plate lights. Not only will this keep you out of trouble, but also more visible to other drivers on the road.

Extra credit: Also be sure you have all auto emergency equipment such as a cell phone, spare tire, and rudimentary tools such as screwdrivers, flashlights, tire irons.

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